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We found this distressed yellow wood in a barn on my aunts property. She was moving, and needing to down size, so we were allowed to opick thorugh the wood pile and see what we could find. Thankfully, this soft yellow wood was salvaged!


There is a limited amount of this naturally dressed soft yellow painted wood. Therefore, there are a limited number of frames that will ever be made with this same coloration. Not only is the yellow wood unique, but so is the actual frame. All of the frames my dad creates are completely designed and crafted by him. We decided to display the "Silos" in this frame. The colors of the drawing and the frame complemented one another perfectly. They are definitely suited for one another. 


The story behind the "Silos":

As I was driving around, per usual, I saw these silos with the light hitting them perfectly. I circled back around and took a photo to have so I could draw later. The old oak trees were so massive with their wirey branches. Then the silos standing tall, but grown up with ivy. 


The drawing was made using watercolor, and ink pen. The wirey branches give the piece an almost eery feel, but the blue skys brighten it with a vintage aesthetic. 

Soft Yellow Pine - Silos

  • Only ONE available. 

    Designed and crafted by hand

    Frame - 8" x 8"

    Includes wall hanger already installed.

    The wood that makes this frame is salvaged. Therefore, it may and likely will have imperfections (aka ~character~)

    Wood - Pine

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