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Walnut, a beautiful, dark, rich toned hard wood. This particular wood was stored in a barn for years and years on an old farm. Instead of letting it sit any longer, my dad used it to make this beautifuly crafted frame. 


All of the frames my dad makes are completely designed and crafted by him. This frame is no exception. It even includes a finely made base so the piece can be free standing. Given then smooth and elegant wood and frame it needed something equally as attention grabbing to be displayed inside. It was no debate, "The Castle" belonged in the frame. 


The story behind The Castle: If you live in Roxboro, you probably recognize The Castle immediately. Located in Uptown Roxboro, it is just one of those homes you stop and stare at it as you pass by. An architectural beauty, and the drawing that started it all. Roaming around on a Sunday with my notepad, I stopped in front of this home and started sketching. At this point, I was just drawing to draw. But once the artwork was complete, the idea that drawing for fun could be something bigger started to grow.

Rich Walnut with Stand - The Castle

  • Only ONE available. 

    Frame - 9.5" x 7.5"

    Frame including stand - 12" x 8.5"

    This frame is handmade and therefore may have imperfections. 

    Wood- Walnut

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