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My sister gave me a bouquet of the month subscription. Her goal, once a month I recieve a bouquet of flowers that "inspires" me. And THAT is exactly what happened. 

The day I recieved the flowers, I arranged them, sat down and decided I was going to "keep it loose" and just draw them. Petal after petal, the bouquet grew. I was aiming to draw it more airy, not stress over the details, just enjoy the process. Indeed, I did enjoy the process, but I ~did not~ skip the details. Instead I was even more immersed in the process of drawing and sat for hours putting pen to paper. Just drawing what I could see. 


The outcome, a beautifully layered and textured array of different pen techniques that brought the bouquet to life, and brought me joy through the entire process of creating. 

Hope you can ~feel that~ when you look at the final piece, maybe even let it bring you joy by knowing the story behind the art. 

Cultivate's Bouquet Print

  • When will you send my order?

    The next 1-2 business days, and you recieve tracking information once the package is on the way!

    How will you package my order? 

    Small prints : Will  be sent in card backed envelopes and wrapped in tissue or newsprint. 

    Medium & Large Prints:  Will be wrapped in tissue or newsprint and rolled into cardboard tubes. If you’ve ordered multiple prints I will wrap them all together. 

    ** I don’t send larger prints in flat packages as theres much more likelihood of damage when sent flat. 

    (I recommend removing your prints from the tube as soon as you receive them, to allow them time to uncurl. It can help to place them flat under a heavy book!)

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