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*The Doodle Collection*


A Collection of original one-of-a-kind "doodles" that have found their home in up-cycled frames.


The perfect frothed cup of coffee, with a heart gently swirled into the mix. It just felt fitting to sketch the pretty little sipping drink. 


When looking through filled sketch books, we noticed lots of pretty doodles that had never gotten any attention. They were cute! They deserved attention too! But the catch was...they were all small!

The solution: FRAME THEM!!! And that is exactly what we did. 

No prints are ever made of these drawings. They are doodles that happened authentically in the moment. Inspired by whatever is catching my attention at that time. Given this candid feel of creating art, we wanted the frames to be just as unqiue. Thrifting and repurposing frames for each piece. 

Therefore, EACH and EVERY piece within this "Doodle Collection" is guaranteed to be the ONLY ONE.




Latte Love *SOLD*

  • When will you send my order?

    I try to get to the post office once a week, usually on a Friday, although this can vary depending on my schedule.

    At busy times (Christmas / when I release new prints) I sometimes experience high volumes of orders and as I’m a one woman show it can end up taking a little longer to get prints out. I hope that because you have chosen to support a small independent business you have already considered this and I thank you in advance for your patience. 

    How will you package my order? 

    Small prints : Will  be sent in card backed envelopes and wrapped in tissue or newsprint. 

    Medium & Large Prints:  Will be wrapped in tissue or newsprint and rolled into cardboard tubes. If you’ve ordered multiple prints I will wrap them all together. 

    Cards + Postcards: Where possible I try to consolidate orders and post them all together. If there are too many items or they don’t fit happily in a tube together I’ll likely send cards and postcards together in a card backed envelope and prints separately in a tube. 

    ** I don’t send larger prints in flat packages as theres much more likelihood of damage when sent flat. 

    I recommend removing your prints from the tube as soon as you receive them, to allow them time to uncurl. It can help to place them flat under a heavy book!

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