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The distressed blue wood was originally base boards in an old house. The house was about to be torn down, and through small town connections we were able to go out and salvage what we could before it was too late. 

So, not only is there a limited amount of this beautifully naturally dressed blue barn wood, it is a completely unique handmade frame. All of the frames my dad creates are completely designed and crafted by him. This frame is no exception. It even includes a finely made base so the piece can be free standing. 

After much debate, the Home House was placed in the frame. Named the "Home House" because it ~is~ our Home House. It is where my Granny grew up, and many generations of Gray's before her, grew up. This home has been through it all, if only it could talk...

Blue Pine Frame with Stand - Home House

  • Only ONE available. 

    Frame - 8.25" x 8.25"

    Frame including stand - 10" x 9"

    The wood that makes this frame is salvaged. Therefore, it may and likely will have imperfections (aka ~character~)

    Wood- Pine

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