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This poplar wood has a natural creamy tan color and swirling dark contrasting veins . We found ONE board of poplar in the stack we picked through underneath an old barn. Once the board was plained (aka sanded), and the top layer removed this beautiful coloration was revealed... I was obsessed. I wish we had more. 

Because the wood is limited and very precious, we wanted to create a frame that had just as much impact. Dad designed this frame specifically to compliment The Kirby. Looking closely, on the top portion of The Kirby, bold ribbed pillars are on either side of the building. Using that as inspiration Dad created a design to mimic that same look. The custom pairing truly do set each other off. 


The story behind the "The Kirby":

The statement of Uptown Roxboro. This theatre is still functioning and valued by many who live here, including the lovely lady who asked for it to be drawn. The Kirby was where she acted in her first play "The Velveteen Rabbit" as a child, and she continues to participate in plays here as an adult. Now, she and you, can have a piece of artwork to remind you of warm memories created inside this historic theater.


Drawn with pen all the details were captured. Every brick included giving the piece texture and visual interest. The collumns balance the piece, breaking up the bricks with smooth lines. Then the drama, the marquee. The perspective making you feel like you are back standing on the street about to walk in for a show. The perfect piece for so many reasons, from nastalgia to aesthetic. 

Layered Poplar - The Kirby

  • Only ONE available. 

    Designed and crafted by hand

    Frame - 10.75" x 12.5"

    Includes wall hanger already installed.

    The wood that makes this frame is salvaged. Therefore, it may and likely will have imperfections (aka ~character~)

    Wood - Poplar

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