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These pine baords had been sitting in a barn for years. Even before that they had belonged to the side of a barn. With the years of age these baords have on them, they've developed such a pretty natural grey tone. The boards even had leftover nails in them. Once the nails were removed, the holes gave even more character to the woods new life as a frame.

Given the unique history of the wood, there is a limited number of frames that we will be able to make with the same coloration and characteristics as these. Not only is the wood unique, but so is the actual frame. All the frames my dad creates are completely designed and crafted by him. Conisdering all this, we decided to display the "Quilt Barn" in this frame. The wood used to belong to an old barn, so it felt fitting that it should now frame a drawing of one.


The story behind the "Quilt Barn":

Out with a friend, we both had decided we wanted to draw that day. She was from out of town. So, I wanted to choose a location that just felt like our town. Beautiful scenery, rustic feeling, and located in a part of town she had not seen before. This barn was the perfect place. I sat on the ground leaning against a tree and drew this piece. Sketching out all of the details while we were chatting and laughing away. 

Cool Grey Pine - Quilt Barn

  • Only ONE available. 

    Designed and crafted by hand

    Frame - 9" x 9"

    Includes wall hanger already installed.

    The wood that makes this frame is salvaged. Therefore, it may and likely will have imperfections (aka ~character~)

    Wood - Pine

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